7mm Remington Magnum



While we initially did not include the 7mm Rem Mag in our ammo section, it actually does have a sniper history, primarily with the US Secret Service. They used the 7mm Rem Mag for a good number of years using ammo loaded by HSM. The Secret Service eventually migrated to the 300 Win Mag and since then the 7mm has really only been minimally used in the sniping community, though it is a favorite of hunters and even some competitors.

One of the reasons the 7mm has not gained wide acceptance as a sniping round is because it is seen that anything the 7mm can do, the .300 Win Mag can do as well or better. The 7mm doesn’t kick as much but it shoots lighter bullets than the .300, though some of them have very high BC’s which allows it to do well at longer ranges. With the right ammo, the 0-1000 meter ballistics are VERY impressive and the 7mm is easily capable of 1000+ meter shooting, but it falls short of the .300 in most regards while significantly outpacing the .308 (Which really shouldn’t surprise anyone). The Remington 700P was available for a while chambered in the 7mm Rem Mag, but beyond that there are not a lot of sniper rifle options available that are not custom built rifles. Luckily HSM still loads the excellent 7mm 168gr match load that the Secret Service used and it is available for purchase as is a 168gr Berger and 162gr Amax load which both will rival the A191 300 WM load.

Recommendation:The 7mm is recommended for military applications out to 1000+ meters. But keep in mind she kicks more than the .308 and is harder on barrels, but is a nice compromise between the 308 and 300 Win Mag. Because the 7mm shoots the lighter bullets at higher velocities, it is better suited to the law enforcment arena than the .300. But there is still a lot of power there, and you’ll NEED to watch the over penetration issue.

Military Applications:

Note: The HSM 168gr Match King load was chosen for my military application load because it uses the approved for combat Sierra Match King bullet and has really nice long range ballistics.

  • HSM 7mm Remington Magnum – 168gr Sierra Match King HPBT at 2950fps

Bullet Drop (Inches)

+12.8 +22.5 +26.9 +25.3 +16.7 0.00 -26.2 -63.7 -114.3 -180.7

Energy (Muzzle – 3245Ft.-Lbs)

2837 2474 2149 1858 1598 1366 1160 982 830 703

Wind Drift (Inches) 10mph Crosswind

0.6 2.5 5.9 10.8 17.5 26.1 36.9 50.3 66.3 85.3

Law Enforcement Applications:

Note: I have chosen the HSM 162gr AMAX Match round for is fantastic BC, very good accuracy and it has rapid expansion and hopefully minimal penetration.

  • HSM 7mm Rem Mag – 162gr Hornady Amax at 2950 fps

Bullet Drop (Inches)

50y/45m 100y/92m 200y/183m 300y/275m
-0.2 Zero -2.9 -10.8

Energy (Muzzle : 3130 Ft.-Lbs.)

2970 2817 2531 2268

Wind Drift (Inches) 10mph Crosswind

0.1 0.5 2.0 4.5

500 rounds, 1000 rounds

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